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Our two newest writings provide much more detail on our 2N+1 balancing method, and an in-depth, conceptual description of the behavior of eccentric rotors as they pass through a critical speed, as a means of explaining why the 2N+1 balancing method is effective for rotors with distributed mass eccentricity.

Development of a New Balancing Approach for Significantly Eccentric or Bowed Rotors

Behavior of Eccentric Rotors Through the Critical Speed Range

We also recently published and presented a new paper at the MFPT 2015 conference, providing a proven outage strategy for planned work on turbine-generator rotors, to be able to guarantee a smooth restart without the need for field balancing. The paper details crucial and often-neglected procedures that must be incorporated into a planned outage scope to properly identify and address all potential sources of rotor vibration.

Proactive Shop Strategy for a Successful Turbine-Generator Rotor Outage

An additional document can be seen by clicking here , providing a thorough summary of Z-R Consulting’s technical approach for full outage support and rotor oversight.