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For large power utilities, when higher than expected turbine-generator vibrations arise and cause concern, very high stakes ride on the decision to continue to run or to shut down the machine.

Making the wrong decision to unnecessarily shut down can waste millions of dollars in lost production. Likewise, making the wrong decision to continue running despite danger signals can lead to machine failure and cost millions of dollars in repairs plus lost production.

Z-R Consulting will provide a thorough condition assessment of the machine and assure that the correct decision is made. This is only done with full knowledge and facts of the situation, and never by guesswork or “probabilities”. Shaft Centerline Path

To make the correct decision requires:
  • On-site vibration data acquisition and analysis
  • Review of all key operational parameters
  • investigation and correlation of any related or
    coincidental events and activities
  • Using the above to identify the root cause of
    the observed vibration
By identifying the root cause, we can recommend with certainty the optimal approach to take.

Beyond the immediate go/no-go decision, Z-R Consulting will:
  • Provide guidance and recommendations for exactly
    what future actions should be taken
  • Provide the exact steps to resolve the issue for good
  • Define the urgency of the needed work
  • Help plan necessary repairs for a future planned outage

For optimum reliability, Z-R Consulting can provide an annual or semi-annual condition assessment of the unit(s) at a plant. Almost all big problems first start as small problems. An annual inspection and analysis can verify if there are any potential problems, catching them before they get bigger. We measure and review vibration data, machine instrumentation, and all key operational parameters, including a plant walkdown, and recommend any needed work or modifications to unit operation. This can be an important part of reliability centered maintenance planning, with big savings on operations and maintenance budgeting.

Plants utilizing our regular condition assessment have gone years without any major problems or unscheduled outages.