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Many of the services performed by Z – R Consulting fall under the umbrella of Field Services. We perform many of our services on site at the plant, including: Shaft Centerline Path

  • Vibration data acquisition
  • Equipment condition assessment
  • Startup monitoring and commissioning services
  • Procedure supervision and verification (alignment, balancing and more)
  • Blade frequency impact testing
  • Installing monitoring instrumentation for machine protection
  • Instrument functionality testing
  • Plant walkdown inspections
  • Field balancing

Field balancing in particular is a very-often misused procedure. We consider field balancing only as an emergency approach to improving vibration symptoms, but not as a true solution. Because of the lack of access to most balancing planes, it is useful more to adjust for installation and alignment errors, rather than actual “balancing.” Such limited-plane field balancing can only be done for a specific location and at a specific speed. That is why field balancing is called “set point balancing”. The results are most often a visible decrease in shaft relative displacement, but at the expense of an increase in bearing reaction forces. This creates the case opposite to the very definition of a “properly balanced rotor”, which is a rotor that produces minimal cyclic forces on the bearings.

The most effective and efficient approach to field balancing is to avoid it altogether, guaranteeing through proper shop procedures that the rotor is repaired and balanced correctly.