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Z-R Consulting can design a complete Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation (TSI) system upgrade for your power plant. This includes the selection of sensors, determining optimal positioning, designing the mounting hardware required, selecting the monitoring software, and guiding the installation process.

We have designed a number of TSI systems for various plants, with excellent results. We recommend installing two displacement sensors and two seismic sensors per bearing, mounted 90 degrees apart, as well as sensors for axial vibration and component expansion. This will provide both shaft amplitudes and bearing forces, plus allow vibration data to be presented in terms of Bode plots, shaft orbits, and shaft centerline position, all of which is necessary for a full dynamic condition assessment of the rotor train.

Many older power plants lack sufficient vibration instrumentation, often having only a single displacement sensor per bearing, making it impossible to diagnose the true root cause of vibration with high certainty. Real problems may be overlooked, that is, until an expensive machine failure occurs. With a proper TSI system and regular analysis and assessment, any impending failures can be predicted and prevented.

In Z-R Consulting’s philosophy, it is crucial to have all the facts when reviewing a machine problem or making an accurate condition assessment, and a properly designed TSI system is integral to this goal. Only then is it guaranteed possible to make a determination of the true root cause of any vibration, and to provide a definite solution that removes the possibility of unplanned outages or future failures. And as a solution, balancing is just one possibility among many.